• Standard Features:
    22 total channels
    PC software for data analysis ~ IBM compatible
    RPM or speed input, min. 35 RPM - max. 10,000 RPM
    Driver control box
    Serial cable for data transfer (USB for internal systems #2003-1)
    High intensity Vacuum Florescent Display (VFD) for easy setup and viewing
    All setup options are done on the VFD (see Display Menu Flow Chart)
  • Input Channels:
    18 analog channels standard (10 are for temperature use only)
    Analog resolution: 0.39% of full scale (8bits)
    4 pulse speed-sensor channels (16 bits)
  • Sample speed:
    5 sample/second standard
  • Driver Control Box:
    Record/Stop Switch
    Physical size 3" x 1½" x ¾"
  • Memory:
    Save up to 7 passes down the track
    64Kb standard
    All data and setup retained even when power is disconnected
    Base system will store a minimum of 8,000 readings or samples. This is equal to 6 minutes of data for 4 channels at 5 samples per second.
  • Thermocouple Options:
    Accepts 10 K type thermocouples
    1/8 NPT, 1/8" diameter, 32° to 1650° F (0° to 900° C) fast response, 48" lead length
    1/8 NPT, 3/16" diameter, 32° to 2100° F (0° to 1150° C) heavy duty, 36" lead length
    Plugs directly into the data acquisition system
  • Sensors supported:
    RPM magnetic pickup
    Linear, rotary and "string" potentiometers
    Type K thermocouples
    Pressure and Vacuum sensors
    Semiconductor temperature sensors
    OEM automotive sensors with 0-5 volt output
  • Options:
    Remote mount driver control dash (custom-made dash). Easy to use VFD with menu driven setup screens attached to your dash. *
    Remote mounted 5"x5" or 3"x5" dash. Includes VFD, Buttons, and all necessary hardware to mount your own dash. Digital tachometer, optional
    Remote dash Maximum distance from control box is 18 inches.
  • Computer required for data analysis and display:
    PC compatible laptop or desktop machine
    USB port
    Hard drive and VGA display required
    Pentium or better with 16 Mb RAM
    Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7
    CD-ROM for installation highly recommended
  • Power requirements:
    12 to 18 volts DC, draws less than 0.5 amps
    Box has built in power filter, fuse, and surge protection
  • Physical:
    Size: approx. 7" x 4½" x 2", under 3 lbs.
    Mounting feet on bottom of box
    Aluminum box with water and dust resistant gasket (not waterproof)
    Connectors: Standard DB9 connectors for analog sensors.
    USB B style connector for downloading to PC (#2003-1).

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