System Overview

The system is designed to be economical and user friendly. The Datalog Peak Performance system gives you the ability to monitor your vehicle while it goes down the track. The end result is a graph that you analyze and make any necessary adjustments to your vehicle accordingly. The built in Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) allows you to easily set up your parameters by using the pushbuttons for the on-screen menu. A laptop or desktop computer is not needed for setup or use of the main box. The display is also bright enough that you can see it in sunlight or at night whether it be in the box or mounted on a dash. The main box is constructed of durable aluminum and is designed to be watertight, with mounting feet for easy attachment. The durable red pushbutton makes it easy to "scroll" thru your menu options.

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The graph allows you to read and analyze the collected data. You can manipulate the data to better utilize what you have recorded by simply clicking on different parts of the graph. The Datalog Peak Performance software and system box are designed to be economical, easy to use, and durable for the truck and tractor pulling market.

The harness has 3 simple cables plus power/ground coming from the main connector.

  • Thermocouple cable is approximately 40 inches long and ends in a standard thermocouple jack housed in a metal enclosure for easy plug in of the thermocouples.
  • The main harness is approximately 36 inches long and ends in a standard DB-25. This connects to the sensor breakouts which are standard DB-9s.
  • The Serial download cable is for transmitting/downloading the information to a computer or laptop.
This bank of connectors can be mounted just about anywhere and gives you easy access to allow you to connect and disconnect. If the sensor is just out of reach, all you need is an extension cable that can be purchased from your distributor in 1, 3, 6 and 10 foot lengths. The DB9 and DB25 connectors can also be found in an office supply store in those cases of emergency.
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